Cost of Circumcision-Comparison of Different Types of Surgery

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Cost of Circumcision-Comparison of Different Types of Surgery



Updated on February 01, 2024

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Wondering if circumcision is costly or not? Is it worth going through the procedure, despite the expenses involved? What are the factors that determine the cost of a circumcision procedure?

Mykare Health is here to answer your queries and clear your doubts. You must be aware of the cost of circumcision before considering it. It will be helpful in decision making and preparing financially.

Here is all what you need to know about the types and cost of circumcision:

Types of Circumcision Surgery

There are different types of circumcision surgeries you can consider. Traditional, medical, laser, and stapler circumcision are some of them.

Traditional Circumcision:

Want to know what traditional circumcision is? It is the most common way of Circumcision carried out in many cultures for different reasons.

The procedure is mostly not done in a medical setting. It usually includes a small cut to the penis foreskin or partial removal. It is mostly conducted on newborns.

How’s it done?

  • It is done as a ceremony by a community or family members in certain regions. A knife, razor, or other cutting tools is used for the process.

  • A skilled person conducts the procedure and the healing process will also be dependent on that.

How much does it cost?

  • Coming to the cost considerations of traditional circumcision, it can vary due to many reasons.

  • The cultural variations, locations, tools used, surgeons doing the procedure, expenses of ceremony may affect the cost.

  • The cost of traditional circumcision in India can range from INR 3000 to 10,000.

Medical Circumcision:

Medical circumcision can be done due to certain medical conditions you’re suffering from or if you personally prefer to do so.

The procedure can be done for treating some diseases such as, balanitis, UTIs (urinary tract infections), sexually transmitted diseases, or pathological phimosis.

How is it done?

  • The circumcision is normally done by experienced surgeons or urologists.

  • Before the surgery, your genital area is cleaned properly. Then, you will be given anesthesia.

  • The surgeon pulls the foreskin back and it is removed carefully. The whole process might take about 30 minutes. For the wound to heal properly, proper care after the procedure is also important.

  • It is quite normal if you feel some sort of discomfort, pain or swelling in the genital area for a few days after circumcision.

  • Following proper care instructions, cleaning the area, and avoiding sexual activities are important after the surgery for proper healing.

What’s the cost?

  • The cost of medical circumcision can also vary. Also, there are insurances for medical circumcision you can consider.

  • Usually, the minimum cost of medical circumcision in India starts from INR 18,000.

Laser Circumcision:

Laser circumcision uses the modern laser technology for circumcision. Compared to traditional and medical circumcisions, laser circumcision has certain advantages.

Opting laser circumcision can offer you a faster recovery with only a minimal blood loss.

How is it done?

  • The procedure involves the surgeon using a laser to remove the foreskin from penis in a precise and controlled manner.

  • In the case of laser circumcision, the sutures, dressing, and aftercare needed is minimum.

  • Laser circumcision is the most modern type of circumcision surgery available now. It has no side effects and also requires fewer follow ups.

How much does it cost?

  • You must know that this method uses advanced laser equipment for the procedure. That’s why the cost for laser circumcision may be higher than that of traditional and medical circumcisions.

  • Some insurances may cover laser circumcision but not all. You must be aware of the insurances covering laser circumcision. Read more about it on

  • The cost of laser circumcision in India ranges from INR 30,000 to 35,000.

Stapler Circumcision:

In case you’re looking for something more advanced compared to Laser circumcision, Stapler circumcision is apt for you. It is a safe and time-saving circumcision procedure.

How is it done?

In this procedure, the foreskin is usually removed using a stapler device.

The procedure is supposed to be less painful. In addition, it requires only a short period of time for healing.

Stapler circumcision has many advantages such as less operative time, less tissue injury, and minimal complications. It has an increased demand now because of its advantages.

The blood loss volume is also lower in stapler circumcision. The size of the stapler device used is determined by the size of your penis.

How much does it cost?

Stapler circumcision is a safer option for both infants and adults. Only minimal pain and rest are required for this procedure.That’s why it is the most expensive procedure until now.

The average cost of stapler circumcision in India ranges from INR 30,000 to 55,000.

The cost may vary depending on which centre you would choose to get the procedure done.

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Factors Affecting the Cost

Are you aware of the potential factors that can affect the cost of circumcision? It is crucial for you to know the cost determinants and make an informed and wise choice.

Here you go.

  • Location: The area where you are situated in or the place where you are considering to get the procedure done can make a difference in the cost.

The procedures are more expensive in urban areas when compared to that of rural areas.

  • Types of circumcision: Infant circumcision is usually less expensive than adult circumcision.

So, the type of circumcision you choose can also affect the difference in cost.

  • Insurance coverage: Health insurance opted can cover your surgery cost. However, there is a variety of insurance. Out of these, some may cover all the expenses while some may only cover partially.

  • Complications: If the procedure is complicated, you may need extra medical care which will also increase the cost.

  • Clinics or hospitals: The clinics or hospitals you choose may charge more or less based on their facilities or services.

They may charge extra for the additional services which can also affect the cost.

You can consider these factors while making decisions about the procedure.

Average Cost for Different Types of Circumcision

TypesAverage Cost
Traditional CircumcisionINR 7,000
Medical CircumcisionINR 20,000
Laser CircumcisionINR 32,000
Stapler CircumcisionINR 33,000

These costs might change according to the extra services you choose. Extra charges may also apply to your follow-up visits after the procedure.

Benefits and Risks

Circumcision has both benefits and risks related to it. It is important for you to understand both of them while considering circumcision.


  • Improved hygiene
  • Lower risk of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Lower risk of urinary tract infections
  • Lower risk of penile cancer
  • Prevents penile problems


  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Anesthesia related side effects
  • Issues with foreskin
  • Not healing properly

If there are any risks before or after the procedure, the cost of the surgery can include the extra medical attention and processes that could be done to overcome those risks.

Higher the risk, higher the cost will be. Thus, it is important to be aware of the risks related to your selected procedure.

Payment Options - Know More About Insurance

Health insurance: You can research about the health insurance plans that could cover your surgery expenses.

Most healthcare insurance plans in India and Mediclaim covers the cost of circumcision.

You should consider talking to your health insurance provider to know about their specific policies and coverages. Some may need to get pre-authorisation before so make sure to discuss that with the company.

Some insurance plans may not cover the cost for circumcision other than medical reasons. In that case, medical documentation will be needed.

Medicaid: Medicaid is a federal-state program to help those with low resources and income to pay for their medical expenses.

The coverage for circumcision can be limited even though Medicaid provides a range of insurance options. So, it is important to check-in with your health insurance provider about the same.

Other Government Programs: There may be other government programs for circumcision surgery coverage based on the state or region.

Connect with your local health department to know about the availability of these insurances.

The availability of these insurance programs and conditions may be different according to states or regions.

You should consider all the available options to cover the expense of the procedure.

Now you might have got an idea about the types of circumcision surgeries and the cost range for each of them.

Make sure to consider all the available options before choosing the right type of procedure for you

The cost of circumcision depends on the type of procedure chosen. For traditional circumcision, the average cost is 7000. For medical 20,000, for laser 32,000, and for stapler method the average cost is 33,000. Benefits and risks of circumcision should be understood before undergoing the procedure as the risk elements may increase the cost. Health insurance policies, medicare, and other government offered programs are the available payment options for circumcision.

Know More About Cost of Circumcision Surgery

Key Takeaways

Circumcision is the removal of foreskin from the head of male penis.

The main types of circumcisions include: traditional, medical, laser, and stapler circumcisions.

The location where the person chooses to undergo the surgery, type of circumcision chosen, insurance coverage options available, complications during the surgery, and the clinics or hospitals chosen by the person are the factors that can affect the cost o

The cost of circumcision depends on the type of procedure chosen. For traditional circumcision, the average cost is 7000. For medical 20,000, for laser 32,000, and for stapler method the average cost is 33,000.

Benefits and risks of circumcision should be understood before undergoing the procedure as the risk elements may increase the cost.

Health insurance policies, medicare, and other government offered programs are the available payment options for circumcision.

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