Uncircumcised v/s Circumcised Penis - Which is Better?

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Uncircumcised v/s Circumcised Penis - Which is Better?



Updated on November 20, 2023

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Wondering what’s better - circumcised or uncircumcised penis? Is that doubt making you hesitant to go for circumcision?

Worry no more. Mykare Health is here to help you with this.

We will make you understand the difference between a circumcised and uncircumcised penis.

You might be familiar with the term circumcision by now. Still, let’s get it straight once more before we deep dive into circumcised vs uncircumcised penis.

Circumcision is the process of medically removing the penis’ foreskin in males.

Penises that are circumcised look different from those that are uncircumcised. For a circumcised penis, the foreskin is visible. The foreskin will be absent if the penis is circumcised.

All You Need to Know About Uncircumcised Penis

An uncircumcised penis will have the foreskin. Foreskin is a thin layer of skin covering the penis head.

The foreskin is normally flexible. It can be pulled back to expose the penis head.

The foreskin includes a strong network of nerve endings. Some believe it can improve sexual pleasure.

As an uncircumcised penis has foreskin, it covers the penis head when it is not erect.

The foreskin pulls back and exposes the penis head when it is erect.

All About Circumcised Penis

A circumcised penis will not have the foreskin. It will have its foreskin removed in the circumcision process, exposing the penis head.

You may go for circumcision for both religious/cultural and medical reasons. Some even choose to get circumcised because of personal reasons.

The circumcised penis’ head will be exposed whether your penis is erect or not, since it lacks foreskin.

Trends in Circumcision Practices

The practice of circumcision has changed with time.

It is now influenced by several factors including culture, religion, medical reasons, and personal reasons.

You may also opt for circumcision because of your personal preference unlike the ancient times.

In older times, circumcision wasn't carried out in a hygienic way. But now, people give importance to hygiene while considering circumcision procedures.

The existing demand and trend of circumcision is dependent on the usage of proper safe equipment, skilled professionals, and affordable options.

Role of Foreskin: Does its Removal Affect Sexual Pleasure?

Foreskin, as you may know, is a layer or fold of skin that covers the head of penis.

In a male, the foreskin will be there from birth itself. The foreskin’s size and shape will be different for each individual.

Your foreskin contains two layers. An inner layer which is a mucous membrane layer. And an outer layer that covers your penis head to protect it. Foreskin also keeps the penis’ head from drying out.

From birth, your foreskin will be connected to the penis. It will later be detached from the head.

The foreskin sometimes will not detach from the penis’ head even after you’re a grown up. In such situations, the need for circumcision arises.

While you may believe that foreskin’s presence will help in improving sexual pleasure, there are others who don’t agree to it.

There have been discussions on whether the presence of foreskin in penis is important or not in sex. As per recent observations made, the foreskin has no role in enhancing sexual pleasure.

So, be rest assured, that your circumcised penis is as good as uncircumcised penis, when it comes to sex

Impact of Circumcision on Hygiene and Cleanliness

The hygiene and cleanliness of genital area can get influenced by the presence or absence of your foreskin.

Your foreskin can develop smegma. Smegma is a whitish-yellow substance which can cause infection around the genital area. It can occur if proper hygiene is not maintained. Thus, cleanliness is an important factor you must follow.

The foreskin can also develop other problems such as inflammation, chronic infections, penile problems, etc if proper hygiene and cleanliness is not maintained.

A circumcised penis is easier to clean and maintain. But, it is not necessary that you must get circumcised to maintain proper hygiene.

Proper washing and maintaining proper cleansing is important to keep the penis clean whether it is circumcised or not. Infections can also be prevented through proper care.

Knowing the importance of proper hygiene and practicing it is more important.

Positives of Circumcision

It is important to know the potential benefits of circumcision to learn more about it.

Lowers risk of urinary tract infections

Males with circumcised penises have a relatively lower risk of getting urinary tract infections than uncircumcised males. Urinary infections can even lead to kidney problems in future.

Lowers risk of sexually transmitted infections

A circumcised person also has a lower risk of getting infected with sexually transmitted diseases compared to an uncircumcised person.

But, it does not deny the importance of practicing healthy sexual habits. It is important to use protection whether or not you are circumcised.

Lowers risk of penile problems and penile cancer

The chance of getting penile cancer is rare. However, circumcised males are viewed to have a relatively lower risk of developing penile problems.

Better hygiene

A circumcised penis is easier to clean and it offers an improved hygiene to circumcised males.

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Drawbacks of Circumcision

Along with the benefits, there are also potential drawbacks to circumcision you should know about.

Pain and irritation

Pain and discomfort or some sort of irritation can be experienced after circumcision. But, it is normal to have a little pain after the procedure.

Possible risk of complications

Circumcision surgery can involve certain risks such as infection, bleeding, or risks related to anesthesia.

Sometimes, the foreskin can get attached to the penis head after surgery. It might require minor surgery to get it corrected.

Religious and cultural pressure

Circumcision is a tradition in some religions and cultures. Some people may feel pressured to get their child circumcised as it is necessary in their culture.

Surgical error

There is a possible risk of other surgical errors during the procedure. It is important to consider an expert healthcare professional. It will reduce any kind of surgical error happening during the procedure.

Personal Choice

  • You should choose to get circumcision surgery based on your preference. It is important that you should have your reasons and options.

  • Before making any decisions, you should consult an expert healthcare professional. An expert surgeon or urologist can clear your doubts and guide you with the whole process.

  • It is important that you should know the positives and negatives of the procedure. The surgeon will clarify your doubts and may suggest what could be a better option for you.

  • Some may choose to get the surgery for religious or cultural reasons. Some may choose to get it for medical reasons. Other personal reasons can also include in one’s decision making. Your preferences are important when it comes to circumcision.

  • Healthcare providers should inform the individuals with every detail on circumcision. They need to know the benefits, risks, cultural importance, and other aspects related to the procedure.

Care and Maintenance

Whether you are circumcised or not, practicing proper care and hygiene is important.

Cleaning the genital area everyday is an important thing an uncircumcised person should do. You should not use much force while cleaning. Be gentle with the area and always wear comfortable clothing.

For a circumcised person, aftercare is more important. It will help in healing faster.

Make sure to keep the area clean and refrain from sexual activities until you completely recover.

Whether or not to get circumcision or which one is better, is clearly subjective. You should decide for yourself by considering your personal preferences and conditions.

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Key Takeaways

An uncircumcised penis will have the foreskin but a circumcised penis will not.

In many cultures and religions, circumcision is a tradition.

Foreskin is believed to be a factor that enhances sexual pleasure by some and some disagree with it. Studies show that there is no proof to the statement.

Low risk of urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases, penile problems, and better hygiene are the advantages of circumcision.

Pain, irritation, complications, surgical error, and religious or cultural pressure are the disadvantages of circumcision.

It is important to maintain hygiene and proper cleanliness in the genital area, be it circumcised or not.

Deciding which among circumcised or uncircumcised is better is purely subjective. The decision to get the surgery done is based on personal preferences.

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