Should You Panic About That Lump? Signs It Might Be a Lipoma

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Should You Panic About That Lump? Signs It Might Be a Lipoma

Dr. Ananya Ghosh

Dr. Ananya Ghosh

Updated on June 22, 2024

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Are you anxious about that lump on your body which is neither painful nor beautiful? Are you panicking over that? Thinking it might be indicating anything serious?

Want answers to your doubts and queries? Well, you are at the right place.

Chances are those lumps might be lipoma. Mykare Health is here to help you understand if your painless lump is a lipoma or not.

Lipoma is a painless harmless tumour that develops out of fat cells in your body. Identifying whether your lump is lipoma can ease your worries.

You don’t have to worry anymore about your lump. We are here to clear your doubts regarding lipoma and provide guidance.

Signs of Lipoma

Lipoma presents as a lump or swelling on any part of your body, but mostly seen in arms, thighs, shoulders and abdomen region.

Lipoma has some of the distinguishing features from other tumours, like:

  • Painless swelling
  • Growing swelling.
  • Almost circular ball shaped swelling.
  • Soft or rubbery to touch.
  • Has a root at the nearest muscle.
  • The swelling moves freely when touched being attached to the root.
  • Usually present in multiple numbers in the body.
  • Excessively large lipomas can be painful.

Such a lump is often inherited from your parents. So, chances are you can find such lumps on your parents or grandparent’s body also.

The above mentioned are the most commonly seen signs of lipoma. To get the exact diagnosis, you take your physician’s consultation who will ascertain it upon some tests.

If Not Lipoma, Then What?

Lipoma is a very safe tumour to have. If your test reports say that it is not a lipoma, then it is worrisome.

  • Cyst: Lump with a watery balloon texture may be a cyst. It is filled with liquid and can be easily removed. It is usually harmless. It is mostly seen in the hand and arm region.

  • Liposarcoma: It may be Liposarcoma, the cancerous version of lipoma. It is a very aggressive tumour that spreads very fast and damages its surrounding tissues. Wait no more if your report identifies your lump to be a liposarcoma, get it removed with further treatments as per medical professionals.

  • Enlarged lymph node: This is seen in the shoulder region mainly. It is associated with any sort of infection. Extra pulmonary tuberculosis also presents as a swelling in the region that is often painful and needs urgent and prolonged treatment.

  • Hematoma: A blood clot that is induced due to trauma or accident. This is treated by medications or by extracting out the blood in complex cases.

  • An abscess: Any infection that leads to the accumulation of pus in the body leads to abscess. This is treated by antibiotics. This is painful and accompanied with other discomfort like a preexisting infection that creates pus and is unable to drain off the fluids.

  • Foreign body: This is again swelling due to any foreign body insertion into the body, surgically or accidentally. There may be several causes of lump feeling in your body, but the most commonly seen is the lipoma. To get a clear idea of the diagnosis, you must get proper medical advice and get proper treatment.

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When To Panic?

When you see changes in your lump, it’s the time to rush to your dermatologist or general physician. Lipoma is a harmless tumour, but very rare instances have shown that they may transform into something to worry about.

Let’s see what changes in the lump you must be cautious about.

  • Sudden increase in pain in the lump.
  • Change in texture.
  • Change in colour of the lump.
  • Abrupt increase in size of the lump.
  • Increased pain at night.
  • Spreading to other parts of the body.
  • Overall uneasiness in the body.

Such conditions can pose serious issues for your health, if left untreated. If your lump develops such changes, you must be aware of it and rush to get treatments done at the earliest.

Lipoma is a very common condition in the world. Most of the time, the lumps become prominent during teenagers and young adult times. Any swelling in the body must not be ignored.

No one knows the cause of the most dreaded c-word. So, it’s always wise to get medical attention at the earliest. If a lipoma is left untreated for long it can be unfortunately transformed into a malignant tumour.

Know more about Lipoma Treatment

Key Takeaways

Lipomas are soft painless fatty tumours on the body that are generally harmless.

Lipomas don’t grow in size with you consuming a more fatty diet.

It is seen in 1 in every 1000 people. Mostly genetically present.

Lipomas are often found in the arms, thighs, shoulders and abdomen region of the body. They are usually multiple in number.

Lipomas appear as soft tissue tumours that are rubbery in texture and move with touch.

Lipomas usually present in multiple numbers in the body.

Such lumps are generally inherited from parents.

If it is not a lipoma, then, it may be a cyst, liposarcoma, enlarged lymph node, hematoma, an abscess or foreign body.

You must be aware of the signs and symptoms of serious conditions of lump in the body.

If your lump changes colour, texture or size, you must be aware of the condition.

If you feel intense pain in the lump that increases at night and an overall discomfort in the body, chances are you are suffering from some serious illness which needs to be treated at the earliest.

Any swelling on the body should not be neglected and treated at the earliest to suffer less.

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